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How To Draw a Head Step by Step: Back 3/4 View

I really like this method of drawing a three-quarter back view of the human head. I first started using this technique 1-2 years ago and don’t remember whether I saw it somewhere, was inspired by a diagram or illustration, or invented it myself. If you know where it’s from let me know. I also use it [...]
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8 Benefits of Atmospheric Perspective

“Street scene” by Theo Prins Having looked at what is atmospheric perspective and the factors that affect its strength in the previous two posts, here are 8 essential benefits that it can bring to your artworks and photos: (Reminder: aerial perspective and atmospheric perspective are the same thing and are used interchangeably.)
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5 Factors That Affect Atmospheric Perspective

Smog over Arequipa, Peru. Photo by Gustavo Madico Continuing with the atmospheric perspective theme, this post takes a quick visual tour of 5 different factors that affect the strength of aerial perspective.
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What is atmospheric perspective?

Photo by Hans-Peter Atmospheric perspective – also called aerial perspective – is the effect you get when far away objects take on the colors of atmospheric haze. Read on to discover eight of the most important things you need to know about atmospheric perspective:
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Welcome to!

Image Credit: NASA/Tony Gray, Tom Farrar How come some images are great but others aren’t? And how can you raise your works to the next level? I invite you to join me on this journey as I set out to improve my own art skills and learn the secrets to making awesome imagery! Welcome! Let us burn a feed [...]
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